For more than 40 years, BG&E has been providing Clients with engineering services which meet the highest standards of technical excellence.  We are aware that these services are out of reach for many communities around the world which experience issues such as poverty, difficulties with access to education and poor public health.  We know that such people and communities, as well as artistic and cultural organisations, would greatly benefit from our assistance.

We recognise that we are able to give something back and continuously look for opportunities where we can apply our specialist technical skills and knowledge to positive community causes, in order to make a difference.

With our Corporate Social Responsibility framework, we are not just interested in ticking the CSR box – we want to leave a lasting impact.

Guided by this approach, we focus our ‘giving back to the community’ programme on the following five areas:
Feature projects
Pro bono engineering
Supporting staff initiatives
Indigenous pathways to employment
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • World Vision
  • Kiva

For more information regarding BG&E’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, contact: