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QUAY QUARTER TOWER Sydney, NSW Joint Venture with ADG Consulting Engineers. Redevelopment of existing AMP tower, commercial office building at 50 Bridge Street, Sydney CBD. The Quay Quarter Tower comprises 52 levels of office floors and 5 basement levels. The redevelopment of the existing building required demolition of existing structure and rebuild of a varying floor plate over the height of the structure, giving the appearance of five separate shifting glass volumes stacked upon each other. Features: 52 stories and 5 basement levels 220m tall 8m floor to floor 8-15m column grids Composite columns (concrete filled steel tubes) Composite floor construction Demolition of approximately 1/3rd of existing floor plate over full height of building to allow significant floor plate extension works Irregular/varying floor plate up the building – no “typical” floors Extension and strengthening of existing core for lateral stability Raking columns forming part of complex transfer structures with columns being hung from the roof across 20+ floors BG&E | PAGE 34 COMMERC I AL