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PERTH BUSPORT Perth, WA BG&E as member of the City Busport Alliance along with Brookfield Multiplex and the Public Transport Authority was engaged to design and construct the Perth City Link Bus Project which comprises a new underground Bus station with a footprint of approximately 10,000 square metres. The project also includes fit out of a 250 metre long bus entry tunnel, a new bus tunnel connecting the Busport to nearby Wellington Street and the diversion of major in ground services. The Busport development is an underground structure with three above ground entry portals access. The facility will act as structural foundations for the future Perth City Link Project which will provide new roads for vehicular access between the CBD and Northbridge and new residential, retail, and commercial development up to 20 storeys high. The perimeter of the structure is bounded by a diaphragm wall on three sides with an active underground rail tunnel forming the fourth perimeter wall. The internal columns have been located on a fixed grid to facilitate bus movements and door positions; this same grid will be used for the future development above ground. BG&E | PAGE 48 TRANSPORT & I NTERCHANGE I NTERCHANGE