BG&E Construction Engineering Services

BG&E | PAGE 10 TRANSPORT BG&E has a successful history of working with Contractors and providing construction engineering services on transport infrastructure projects. Our involvement includes design solutions for a wide variety of temporary works associated with incrementally launched and erected bridges, design of temporary structures and design of casting beds for pre-tensioned concrete bridge girders. We provide the design and documentation of construction staging and deflection control of bridge structures during erection. Our structural services include inspections, capacity assessment and strengthening of existing bridges for construction loadings. We undertake the design of temporary side track detours, and intersections, to manage safe diversion of traffic to accommodate the safe and efficient construction of complex road projects. BG&E has earned the reputation for excellence through the successful implementation of innovative construction solutions to a variety of projects. BG&E provide the following construction engineering services: TEMPORARY WORKS DESIGN Secant Piled Walling Sheet Piling Cofferdams Formwork Travellers Launching Nose Tower Crane Supports Temporary Water Retaining Structures Temporary Retaining Walls Temporary Roads