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Regular inspection of assets is an essential element of maintenance and operations. Where defects are found, it is important to quickly determine their current state, root cause and a suitable rectification strategy in light of age as well as current and intended use of the asset. This minimises the detrimental impact these defects have on the asset itself, as well as its users and owners. In cases where litigation may be a consideration, a diligent yet readable report comprehensively answering all relevant questions is essential to ensure robust positions. Our services include: Site inspection and diagnosis to identify and survey defects. Testing services, including non-destructive testing, to identify the root cause Review and analysis of modelling, calculations and third party testing. Practical advice on rectification based on service life needs and cost. Ongoing monitoring and testing services. Expert reporting and witness services, in the event of litigation. 1 2 3 1/ Carpark repair - Mount Hawthorn, WA. 2/ Cathodic protection installation - Sydney, Australia. 3/ Defective waterproofing - Doha, Qatar. DURAB I L I TY & WATERPROOF I NG BG&E | PAGE 30