Asset Management

Townsville Port Berths, Townsville, Queensland.

The successful management of assets ensures industry and governments optimise capital expenditure, benchmark performance, and reduce risks and costs, by taking a whole-of-life approach.

Asset management is more complex than the operation of structural and civil assets. BG&E has the experience and industry knowledge to help clients manage assets through their entire lifecycle.

We adopt a focussed and cost effective methodology to asset management – which ranges from undertaking site-based condition assessments – to developing strategies to manage assets to a required service level, over a long period of time at the lowest cost to achieve the optimal outcome.

Underpinning this approach is our well crafted asset management process that welds together a seamless cycle of inspection, evaluation, maintenance planning and delivery, and strategic review.

Our expertise includes the provision of asset management for bridges, buildings, drainage networks, floodways, light poles and towers, marine structures, mine and rail infrastructure, roads, tunnels and underpasses, and materials technology.