Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Dampier Salt Operations – Port Hedland, Western Australia.

Advances in visualisation and simulations, remote sensing and topographic data collection, paired with proven expertise in GIS, is enabling clients to improve decision making, realise operational efficiencies and enhance their geographic data record keeping for projects.

GIS is a decision-making support tool which provides a unifying framework to capture, manage, integrate and display data, in a visual and intuitive way, and is changing the way the world works.

Globally, many organisations are applying geographic science to undertake analysis, share information and solve difficult problems.

Our talented teams are at the vanguard of the process, with GIS allowing us to manage complex data and create valuable location intelligence, via a process incorporating six core elements: data management, location intelligence, stakeholder engagement, software integration, remote mapping and watershed analysis.

BG&E’s clients rely on us to collect, manage and distribute valuable data throughout the project lifecycle – always ensuring the data is current, comprehensive and accessible – and helping them to minimise risks, better manage assets, and predict and plan.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Projects