Claire Wu - Facades Engineer - New South Wales, Australia, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Claire Wu

Facades Engineer - New South Wales, Australia.
Claire Wu is a Facades Engineer who appreciates details in her work and the world around her

Driven by a curious mind, Facades Engineer Claire Wu appreciates the details of design, since one millimetre can make a significant difference in her discipline.

With a career spanning London and Sydney, Claire has worked on significant projects such as the Elephant and Castle Town Centre Redevelopment in London, the Fire and Rescue NSW Headquarters and the facade replacement at 2 Bligh Street in Sydney, Australia.

Claire says, “Last year, I was able to go for a site walk at Barangaroo Metro Station and observe one tonne loads and 2,300 millimetre slab thickness.”

Claire is skilled in undertaking facade structural engineering calculations, thermal and condensation risk assessments, and oversees weatherproofing interfaces between the facade and the primary building structure. She coordinates the architect and other consultants to select the best systems that are fit for purpose.

She says, “I want to create functional works of art, connecting people to the places they live in.”

It is no wonder that Claire is also an avid fan of the intricate and magical world of Harry Potter in her time off, when not exploring historical sites or far-flung locations such as Istanbul.

Her work and travels often occur to the backdrop of Taylor Swift’s album Red, matching her positive and solutions-oriented approach.