Project Location—    Perth CBD
Project Client—    Public Transport Authority
Project Contractor—    Brookfield Multiplex

The cornerstone component of the project comprises a new underground Busport with a footprint of approximately 10,000 square metres with three above ground entry portals and the fit out of a 250 metre long bus entry tunnel.

The Busport structure was designed to work in future as foundation for the Perth City Link Project which will include new roads, urban development up to 20 storeys and public open spaces.

The Busport internal spaces were design on a fixed columns’ grid to facilitate bus movements and as set grid for the future structural development above ground.

Been the site adjacent to an existing rail tunnel meant construction staging was critical to meet the required stringent movements limitation. BG&E adopted a top-down construction technique incorporating bored piles extending up to 50m as best solution to fulfil this criteria.

The perimeter of the structure is bounded by diaphragm wall on three sides and by the existing underground rail tunnel which work as fourth perimeter wall.

The roof slab as been designed as an 800mm thick in-situ post-tensioned slab; the basement slab is a 750 mm thick in situ slab positioned at 7 metres below the water table.

Major in-ground services run through the site including future allowances for services in the road reserves.