Social Impact

Striving To Improve Humanity

Across the globe, our people make positive impacts on societies by contributing to grassroot programmes that help local communities to be more sustainable, resilient and socially equitable. Our philanthropic, ethically-oriented actions create a future for all to thrive.

Foodback Collection, Western Australia
Led by Alison Holdsworth and Cath Taylor, our Perth-based team rallied together to collect and contribute more than 90 kilograms of food for Food Bank’s Christmas Charity.

The Smith Family Charity
Australia BG&E donated $500 to The Smith Family Charity which supports disadvantaged Australian children.

Care Bags, Western Australia
Cath Taylor and Michelle Cullender led a drive in the Perth office, to collect and deliver 49 ‘Care Bags’ for some of the State’s most vulnerable children. When children enter care, it’s often under traumatic circumstances and the simple gesture of receiving a backpack with toiletries and clothing, brightens their day. Receiving a ‘Care Bag’ sends a positive message to the children – that they matter, to stay positive and people care about them – as they embark on a journey of healing.

The Hunger Project NZ 
Hayden Duffy from BG&E in Auckland, travelled to Malawi and raised $20,000 for The Hunger Project NZ. This global not-for-profit is committed to eradicating hunger and poverty, through sustainable, community-owned and women focused solutions.

We are committed to honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples as the First Peoples of Australia, and we pay respect to elders past, present and emerging.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was launched in 2019 and we have been delighted to provide opportunities to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians.

Our focus has been directed towards education and employment pathways, as well as to procurement practices, as these sustain economic development in First Nation communities.

Specifically, BG&E has an agreement with Sevenoaks College in Cannington, Western Australia (WA) to provide scholarships for Indigenous students, to assist with college expenses.

The college is a secondary education institution which caters for Year 11 and 12 students and has a high proportion of Indigenous students.

We also implemented various other initiatives with Sevenoaks College, including:

  • inviting renowned Aboriginal artist, Buffie Corunna, to lead a cultural awareness event in our Perth office, during which she shared the meaning behind her work;
  • welcoming dancers from the college into our office to deliver a cultural performance, which greatly enriched our team’s understanding of First Peoples’ heritage; and
  • conducting an interactive workshop with students to increase awareness about careers in engineering and construction.

BG&E also sponsors Engineering Aid Australia’s, Indigenous Australian Engineering School programme, which gives students access to engineering role models and insights into a career in the industry.