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What drives you? If you are motivated by a profound sense of purpose, using your talent to solve complex problems and teaming with others to explore new ideas – it’s time for us to get to know each other.
We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you – your aspirations, your opinions and your experience –
and discover how together, we could fulfil your ambitions and create extraordinary built environments.

Our workplaces are brimming with like-minded, curious and tenacious talent, who channel their expertise into helping clients and enhancing communities.

Values and Culture
Our founders – Peter Bruechle, Norm Gilchrist and Ernie Evans – proudly established a values-based business. BG&E’s values are: care and integrity, the pursuit of excellence, and one team.

Our values inform our behaviours and the way we: help clients around the world, empower our people to be empathic, high-performing and creative, and contribute to communities. Living our values every day ensures that demonstrate care and integrity, strive to pursue excellence and serve as one team, that is ‘The BG&E Way’.

Meet some of the talented professionals at BG&E.

#MyJobOurWorld shares their stories, including details about their experience, the projects they are currently working on, what their superpower is and how they like to spend their downtime.

Diversity & Inclusion

As humans we want to belong – to experience fairness and feel comfortable sharing our ideas and being our complete selves – this is true in society and in the workplace.

Diversity is about harnessing positive and inclusive behaviours in relation to gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation and most importantly, skills.

#2021 International Women’s Day