The ‘Next Normal’

Post-pandemic, we experience the world differently. Today, what does business continuity, empathy and success mean to you?

Throughout the various waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, BG&E is playing its part in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people, while simultaneously maintaining a high quality service for our clients.

In 2020, while we experienced unprecedented trading conditions, our collective fortitude and resilience enabled us to deliver a strong financial performance and the same is true for 2021.

Our teams across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East, are back in their respective workplaces and project offices (except where government Health Orders or restrictions are in place), and some are operating via a hybrid model with remote working.

We are enjoying the benefits of scaled-up and more reliable information, communications and technology, and we are better equipped to support our team’s physical and mental health.

While the Coronavirus continues to impact on our lives and livelihoods, we remain encouraged about the future and are progressing with the implementation of our strategy.

We are eager to chart new journeys with clients, to help you navigate through the ‘next normal’.

In addition to our business as usual, we are also working with some market leaders and governments to help them respond to the impacts of decreasing commuters on public transport, students attending universities, employees in office towers and consumers frequenting retailers. BG&E can help you to reimagine use of existing or create new, infrastructure and buildings, to meet these evolving needs.