Amanda Phillips - Bridge Engineer - Civil, BG&E Perth.

Amanda Phillips

Structural Bridge Engineer
BG&E Perth
Amanda Phillips is an enthusiastic Structural Bridge Engineer who is learning to speak Italian so that she can better communicate with her family in Sicily when she next visits.

Amanda joined BG&E as a student Engineer in our Bridge team, working on the design of the $175 million NorthLink – Stage 3.

In partnership with CPB Contractors, BG&E were the Lead Consultant delivering the NorthLink Stage 3, which involved the design and construction of 26 kilometres of a new dual carriageway highway, in the North East of Perth. This project provides commuters with a new, vital transport link between Morley and Muchea to reduce congestion and travel time and increase general traffic flow.

Amanda says, “One of the things that I enjoy most about BG&E is working with so many talented and passionate engineers.

“Working alongside these enthusiastic designers has not only helped grow my own interest in the industry, but also accelerated my technical design, communication and project management skills, which are imperative for a successful structural engineer.”

Currently, Amanda is contributing to the Thornlie Cockburn Link, which is one of Perth’s vital East West crossline connections.

The 17.5-kilometre link includes new stations at Ranford Road and Nicholson Road, improvements at Thornlie Station and Cockburn Central Station, and the relocation of 11 kilometres of freight railway. The Thornlie Cockburn Link will reduce congestion and provide alternative transport options to Perth’s South Eastern suburbs, as well as improving access to employment opportunities, supporting long term development around new stations and generating thousands of jobs.

Amanda says, “By ensuring my project work is completed to a high standard and in a timely manner, I am helping to provide communities with safe and efficient rail and road networks and structures that will improve their daily use of our roads.”

Sustainability is often at the forefront of Amanda’s work as a Structural Bridge Engineer. “Being involved in various infrastructure projects across the West, has enabled me to directly contribute to solutions that are sustainable.”

When Amanda is at home, you can count on the TV show, The Office (US), running in the background. Having rewatched the series more than 15 times, she says, “it’s her comfort show of choice.”

With many of Amanda’s extended family living in Sicily, she has been brushing up on her Italian so she can more easily communicate with her family, some of whom she’s never met (yet), as they do not speak English. With Covid-related border closures now easing, Amanda is excited about her visit to Sicily and she is looking forward to immersing herself in the culture and local day-to-day life.