Brianna Kennedy - Graduate Engineer - Buildings - Brisbane, in Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

Brianna Kennedy

Graduate Engineer – Buildings, Queensland
Brianna Kennedy is a Graduate Engineer who plans on helping save the world she enjoys travelling

Meet Brianna, a graduate engineer hailing from the BG&E Brisbane Buildings team. Her journey in the engineering world is marked by passion, dedication, and a strong commitment to fostering sustainable change within the construction sector. We sat down with Brianna to learn more about her inspirations, aspirations, and the unique qualities that set her generation of engineers apart.

Q: What attracted you to a role with BG&E, and what are your aspirations while here?

Brianna: “Working at BG&E as a graduate, I was really looking forward to continuing to work with a team of really strong technical engineers. I had learned so much from them as an undergrad, and I wanted to stay on with a team that is still in such a big phase of growth, so that I could continue to tackle challenges. Currently, I aspire to get involved with BG&E’s timber sector, where I hope to see lots of work in the future.”

Q: What are some of your favorite projects and aspects of your job here?

Brianna: “I’ve been really fortunate to work on a variety of schools, both new builds and refurbishments. This has given me the chance to have my own buildings on projects and see through the design from start to finish. I love the chance to get out on site as well that BG&E provides. It’s a big learning curve, but seeing designs come to fruition is amazing.”

Q: What is your ultimate career goal?

Brianna: “My ultimate career goal is to lead a team which is driven to provide sustainable change. The construction sector is a major emitter of GHG, and it’s up to engineers to provide some pushback against traditional methods to help drive a faster uptake of sustainable practices.”

Q: Do you believe there is anything different/new about your generation of engineers?

Brianna: “I think the new generation has a really big work-life balance mentality. I’m really interested in the idea of 4-day work weeks, which some studies have shown increase productivity and happiness levels.”

Q: What would you say is your personal superpower?

Brianna: “I think my personal superpower is rallying the team, haha. I’m usually the one to organize the social events and team lunches.”

Q: What are you reading, listening, or binging on?

Brianna: “Currently, I’m binging Yellowstone in time for the new season next month.”

Q: How do you like to spend your downtime?

Brianna: “Any downtime I have, I’m usually planning my next holiday. The travel bug got me in high school when I went on a school trip to Japan, and I’ve been going places ever since. So far, I’ve been to 5 of 7 continents, but the goal is to visit them all.”

Brianna’s passion for engineering, her commitment to sustainability, and her knack for bringing people together make her a valuable asset to the BG&E team. With engineers like Brianna leading the charge, the future of the construction sector looks brighter, more sustainable, and full of innovative solutions.