Darshika Premkumar - Bridge Engineer – Sydney, New South Wales

Darshika Premkumar

Bridge Engineer – Sydney, New South Wales
Darshika Premkumar is an energetic Structural Engineer, who enjoys spending her downtime powerlifting.

Robust, durable, capable – words that are synonymous with Darshika Premkumar professionally and her superpower, “I am physically very strong”.

With more than nine years’ experience, Darshika is a dynamic engineer in BG&E’s award-winning Bridge team, in Sydney. Her experience includes concept design, various on-site activities, preparing site inspection reports, and client and stakeholder management.

When asked what she enjoys most about working at BG&E, Darshika says, “The company has a genuine interest in my engagement and development. I started my career at BG&E in the Bridges team switching from my previous buildings experience. When I expressed interest in broadening my skills, the business was supportive. I was provided with learning and development opportunities to help me to smoothly transition into the Bridge team, and now I’m working on a game changing infrastructure project. BG&E takes care of their staff and makes a conscious effort to acknowledge and reward us.”

Darshika’s curriculum vitae is littered with projects which connect communities and improve amenity, including WestConnex 3B Rozelle Interchange, Western Sydney Stadium Redevelopment and the University of Technology, Sydney Redevelopment in New South Wales, and the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative, Daldy and Halsey Streets Redevelopment and Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand, among others.

At present, she is working on the Sydney Gateway Stages 1 and 3 project and is proud of the contribution that it will make to the surrounding communities. Darshika says, “I’m providing detailed design for one of the bridges and working closely with our joint venture team and other stakeholders. We have a firm focus on design and constructability. It’s fulfilling to be solving problems for clients and delivering a project that upon completion will improve traffic flow and safety, reduce commuting times and relieve congestion.”

In addition to being remarkably strong, Darshika’s other superpower is being able to eat a lot of chilli’s in one sitting. She enjoys culinary adventures and boardgames, as well as gritty horror movies. She is currently listening to a podcast that is part quiz show, part offbeat trivia, Good Job, Brain!

Darshika is a highly-skilled civil engineer and prior to joining BG&E, she held similar roles at Meinhardt, Aurecon and WSP (formerly Opus).

We wish her all best with her training regime for a powerlifting competition one day in the future.