Toh Chee Kiong – Director – Singapore/Infrastructure Lead – Southeast Asia completing the Vietnam Mountain Marathon at Sapa, Vietnam.

Toh Chee Kiong

Director, Singapore/Infrastructure Lead – Southeast Asia
Toh Chee Kiong’s geotechnical and civil infrastructure work is fueled by time spent on mountain trails

From his 21 years as a Civil Engineer on large scale geotechnical and civil infrastructure projects, Toh Chee Kiong – Director – Singapore/Infrastructure Lead – Southeast Asia, understands the best solutions are achieved with a clear mind and optimal wellbeing.

He says, “I spend a lot of time running and racing on nature trails. The limited availability of these in Singapore is a perfect excuse to travel to beautiful mountain trails overseas.”

This form of rejuvenation underpins Toh’s energy for innovative problem-solving on landmark projects in Singapore throughout his career, including the Marina Coastal Expressway for MCE 483 and MCE 486 sections of the Underground Expressway for LTA. He also undertook design and supervision of foundation works for high-rise public housing apartments for the Housing and Development Board Singapore.

Toh’s work draws upon insights from previous roles, including Design Project Manager on the design and construction of the North-South Corridor Tunnel for the Land Transport Authority (LTA), and Design Project Director for the proposed development of Changi East in relation to three runway operations at Singapore Changi Airport, as part of a joint venture with Samsung- Koh Brothers.

He says of the future of BG&E in Singapore, “It’s an exciting opportunity to grow a new office in a new market, with my BG&E colleagues who are fun-loving, professional and committed to common goals.

“It’s gratifying to know that we [BG&E] contributed to the development of infrastructure and the built-environment which improves people’s lives and makes this world a better place.”

Toh believes time spent at work and with friends and family is enhanced by his personal superpower – the ability to fall asleep immediately the moment his head touches the pillow.

He also enjoys reading in his spare time, recently completing ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi, which made him laugh and cry at the same time.