BG&E high rise


Since the late 1980s we have been commissioned to design a number of major high-rise buildings in the Middle East and in Australia. Our work in this field has won numerous awards.

Excellent examples are Central Park, a 63-storey office tower in Perth completed in 1992 and still today one of the tallest and most iconic buildings in Australia, and the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel a 80-storey high Hotel in Dubai completed in 2008.

The structures for the buildings designed by BG&E are examples of cost-effective innovation using sound engineering principles. We believe that simplicity and attention to detail are key factors in design, coupled with a sound understanding of cost-effective, efficient and compliant structural systems.

We are specialists in the design of high-strength concrete, precast and composite flooring systems, with sophisticated wind-bracing formats. We are often called upon to provide assistance with construction techniques for tall buildings.

We increase project value through the application of innovative designs and we are renowned for our proactive attitude and have received significant feedback about our ability to take on projects and deliver them on time and within budget.

Our philosophy is based on a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to maximise project outcomes.

Our strong reputation for providing  engineers  with  a  high  level of design and technical skills is as a result of our commitment to implementing procedures for the continuous development of our technical resources.