• In-situ concrete slab supported by a two-way grid of beams on the central floor plan.
  • Mix steel-concrete structure on the circular area at the external ends of the floor plan.


  • Very heavy structure.
  • Construction delay due to steel and concrete contractors working on the same floors.


  • Still keeping the same structural grids to avoid any impact on the original foundation design, we proposed 250mm walls in lieu of the columns. This solution had the advantage of removing the visual impact of columns protruding into the apartment, and allowed the design of the slab as a continuous 200mm flat slab spanning between the walls.
  • Addition of a shallow continuous edge beam to stiffen the slab edge to support the curtain walls.
  • Curved floors area - use of band beams plus two-way in-situ slab cantilevering over the diagonal beams and supporting the curtain walls.


  • By optimising the structural design just on the typical floor central area, BG&E was able to reduce the overall quantity of concrete up to 12% . Other cost savings were achieved as a default by having a more efficient construction system with a much simpler formworks system. We were able to provide significant savings to our client,  calculated in the order of AED 15 million.