BG&E's Nina Lee - Pioneer for Gender Diversity

Associate – Structures

BG&E Sydney’s Associate – Structures Nina Lee pioneered gender diversity and cultural change within the engineering firm she has worked for since 2005, becoming a role model for the 12 percent of women in engineering.

In the absence of first-hand learnings from other organisations, or formal Human Resources (HR) support, Nina contributed to creation of a company Inclusion and Diversity Working Group (IDWG) for BG&E Sydney, for which she occupies the role of Chair.

Nina says of her role within the IDWG and her representation of the group for BG&E’s recently established Diversity Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, “I can continue to represent and implement change on behalf of those with a continued interest in the topic, ensuring their feedback and ideas are heard at the highest levels.”

Nina had a heavy hand in the DEI Committee’s major initiatives to date, including implementation of diversity awareness training for all levels of BG&E employees globally and the organisation’s first diversity and inclusion company-wide survey.

Excelling throughout 14 year’s design experience on a wide range of engineering projects in Australia and overseas, including when she returned from maternity leave in 2014 to project manage the firm’s largest building project in Dubai at the time – the $350 million Dubai Mall Zabeel Expansion, Nina’s career trajectory and flexible work legacy pave the way for enhanced gender diversity.

Believing women should maintain their feminine qualities while undertaking project work, Nina states, “I have received comments from key clients that it is refreshing to be working with more and more female engineers, and that they appreciate different problem-solving approaches and the softening of dynamics in the room that would otherwise be hostile or confrontational.”

Realising that education and enlightenment will equip her for greater impact when it comes to diversity and inclusion, Nina calls Managing Principal at Sustainable People Solutions and Founder of the SPS Leaders Alliance Natasa Gadzuric a close mentor, learning how to identify and deal with unconscious bias, tips for boosting women’s confidence and amplifying their voice, and much more.

Natasa says she is impressed with Nina’s persistence in driving diversity initiatives within industry and comments, “I can see that she is genuine in wanting to make a difference for other women, and more broadly focused on cultural change that will enable all employees to reach their full potential.”

Nina says of her efforts, “I feel like I’m now at a stage of my career where I may be able to help make changes or simply just reach out to offer any kind of support to the younger staff, that I wish someone else had offered me along the way.

“As a mother to two young children who works full time, I advocate being open and asking for help when needed.

“When it comes to balancing work and family commitments, I’ve shared with others that I believe acceptance with being the best that you possibly can in all aspects of life, while prioritising health and wellbeing, is the true key to success.”

Nina’s contribution to gender diversity earned a finalist position for the OneConsult Champion of Change Award 2021.

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