Back On Our Bikes Post-Lockdown

Colin Morrow

Principal Bridges – Victoria
After enduring some of the harshest lockdowns in the world, BG&E’s team in Melbourne were eager to enjoy the city streets again and created a group which meets, cycles and feasts together, once a week.

The Victorian capital is an ideal city for cycling enthusiasts, with a network of more than 135 kilometres of on-and-off-road routes.

Colin Morrow, Principal Bridges – Victoria at BG&E says, “The group usually rides 30kms around Albert Park (same route as the formula one race) and a return journey from the CBD to Mordialloc, with the necessary recoup for coffee, before our day starts in the office.

We’ve got cyclists in the group with varying abilities, and our focus is on connecting with each other and having a good time. As Melbourne ends its fourth lockdown in less than 12 months, it’s vital to connect with colleagues and sustain our physical and mental health.”

The pandemic has galvanised our group and well done to Colin Morrow for bringing everyone together to share their passion for all things cycling. The group includes: Derek Heiden (Director – Victoria), Soumendra Paul (Transport Lead – Victoria), Alex Smith (Associate, Buildings), Erik Marston (Principal Materials), Benny Man (Principal Bridges), Dylan Jesse (Senior Structural Engineer), Madeline Smart (Civil Engineer) and Denham Alphonso (Principal Civil).

The City of Melbourne local government authority has fast-tracked the delivery of 40 kilometres of kerbside protected bike lanes and pedestrian improvements across the city. The new bike lanes connect into Melbourne’s existing bike lane network and provide a safe, efficient, sustainable transport alternative that support physical distancing and get the city moving again after easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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