Winning Projects in Western Australia (WA)

Anthony Wood

Director and Civil Lead, WA
BG&E is proud to be part of the Metropolitan Roads Improvement Alliance, which won the 2021 Civil Contractors Federation WA Earth Award for ‘Project Value Greater Than $75M: Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance – Murdoch Drive Connection’.

The Metropolitan Roads Improvement Alliance (the Alliance) consists of Main Roads Western Australia (Main Roads – Owner Participant) and CPB Contractors, Georgiou Group, WA Limestone, GHD, AECOM and BG&E (as Non-Owner Participants).

Anthony Wood, Director and Civil Lead, WA says, “It is an honour for BG&E to be a part of the Alliance team that delivered this series of major infrastructure projects across the metropolitan area. It’s truly rewarding for the team to be recognised for the contribution these projects have made towards improved road safety, traffic flow and amenity for the local community.”

The Alliance was formed and engaged to deliver the following transformational projects, as well as to design and construct the rehabilitation of the original Roe 8 Highway footprint, in Perth.

  • Roe 8 Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation works includes clearing of the former Roe 8 project site of any contaminants to install permanent fencing along with a rehabilitation management plan.
  • Murdoch Drive Connection: This connection provides access to the Roe Highway and Kwinana Freeway, with the construction of a 1.5-kilometre extension of Murdoch Drive, from Farrington Road.
  • Wanneroo Road Widening: The scope of works for the Wanneroo Road Widening project covers 3.2 kilometres, from Joondalup Drive-to-Flynn Drive, including intersection upgrades, noise walls, drainage, retaining walls and landscaping.
  • Armadale Road Upgrade: This project comprises a seven-kilometre upgrade to a four-lane dual carriageway, from Tapper Road in Banjup, to Anstey Road in Forrestdale, including intersection improvements.

Some of the innovation that was deployed includes: sheet pile wall construction using the Giken piling technique, for the Kwinana Freeway northbound, to widen road formation without changing the existing embankment footprint and negating any clearing in an environmentally sensitive area with minimal noise and vibration impacts; and, the use of a new roller safety barrier on the Murdoch Drive Connection project, which was designed to provide better impact protection for high speed and heavy vehicle crashes.

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