22 Bishopsgate – London, United Kingdom.



United Kingdom


Careys Design Team


BG&E London
22 Bishopsgate

Standing at 278 metres tall, 22 Bishopsgate, also known as Twentytwo, is a commercial skyscraper located in London’s financial district and comprising state-of-art commercial workspace, a sky bar, viewing gallery and restaurants.

BG&E provided construction engineering services for the 62-storey tower which included the provision of temporary works. Our technical experts helped our client to develop in-situ modification designs to the jump-form that allowed the core structure to be built simultaneously, alongside the basement demolition and construction work. The jump was split in two, with constant access secured between the two jumps, which providing greater flexibility for the construction team. This approach was a critical factor in starting the building works and mitigating the path of the basement works. Due to the unusual size of the rig, a complete modelling of the rig, the screens, equipment, ergonomics and access, had to be developed to confirm they meet with local regulations.

The modelling that was deployed for this iconic project enabled the all parties to provide input for the design at an early stage, via the use of immersive virtual reality which demonstrated how the rig worked.

22 Bishopsgate is an imaginative and collaborative workspace for thousands of Londoners.