Ballarat Station Bus Interchange - Ballarat, Victoria. Image is courtesy of BMD Constructions.


Ballarat, Victoria



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Ballarat Station Bus Interchange

As part of the Victorian Government’s redevelopment of the Ballarat Station precinct in the central highlands of Victoria, the new bus interchange has ensured it is easier and safer for bus passengers and commuters to transfer between travel modes and connect with trains. Since operation of the interchange commenced in December 2021, commuters have enjoyed improved accessibility and the comfort of buses being brought closer to the station with 12 new bus bays complete with pedestrian crossings, CCTV, lighting, shelters and seating.

The project also included a secure 46-bay staff carpark for the safety and convenience of V/Line’s staff and visitors.  The new Ballarat Station Bus Interchange supports over seventy additional bus services and is now a key transport hub for the third largest city in Victoria.

BG&E provided civil and structural engineering services for BMD Constructions as part of a Design and Construct Contract.  The BG&E design team was given a reference design that was considered complete and was tasked with finding value engineering opportunities on a site that is highly constrained.  The team rose to the challenge by completely reconfiguring the carpark layout and challenging the shared use path strategy, which removed the need for lengthy retaining wall structures, including a section of wall that would have spanned over a heritage protected drainage culvert structure.

The new layout resulted in significant cost, program and material savings for the project and prevented the project from causing damage to the heritage structure.  The design also incorporates provisions for possible expansion of the bus interchange, ensuring that this key transport hub will continue to support the growth of Ballarat well into the future.