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Chancery Chambers

Built in 1924, Chancery Chambers was designed by a French-Canadian architect, J Sholto Smith of Mullions & Smith and is believed to have been Auckland’s first European-type dwelling. Decades on, the building was restored in association with Mace Development Corporation and architect James Morrison, to reflect its 1920s’ origin. The building continues to have upgrade works undertaken to ensure it remains one of the city’s key historical landmarks.

In 2020, BG&E provided structural engineering services, including a peer review of the detailed seismic assessment of the eight-storey building and materials testing to confirm the building’s properties.
Drawing on our rich technical knowledge, we tested the existing structure to ensure there was no disconnect between the testing that was carried out and the information that was required for an effective structural assessment (which was identified as part of original peer review). These type of assessments are critical for buildings in New Zealand as it is an earthquake prone region.

Today, the building boasts several floors of commercial space, as well as one of the city’s most prestigious venues for events, on the rooftop terrace.