Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club – Newcastle, New South Wales.


Newcastle, New South Wales



Newcastle City Council


BG&E Newcastle
Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club

The Newcastle City Council commissioned the refurbishment of the Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC), which now includes new change rooms, a space for female members and accessible amenities. The refurbishment has created a more inclusive environment for the entire community.

BG&E provided structural engineering and materials testing services, including a structural and materials engineering condition assessment of the club. This investigation included destructive and non-destructive testing to determine the reinforcement information, and to establish durability properties and the design life for further building extensions.

The assessment provided the Council with objective data about the primary structural elements of the SLSC and also featured a durability assessment of these items.

BG&E completed both invasive and non-invasive works and remediation was completed in April 2021.