Etihad Rail Network Viaducts Stage 2 – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates




BG&E Abu Dhabi
Etihad Rail Network Viaducts Stage 2

Etihad Rail’s 1,200-kilometre network will extend across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), from the border of Saudi Arabia to the border of Oman.

Engaged as a sub-consultant to WSP, BG&E is providing structural engineering services for Stage 2 of Etihad Rail’s major national railway project, which will link the Saudi Arabian and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rail networks in the West, to the Oman border and GCC rail network in the East. The new infrastructure will boost growth in the UAE’s industrial and services sectors and enable increased mobility of freight and passengers between cities in the UAE, ports and manufacturing hubs.

BG&E is contributing to part of the 150 kilometres of double track line, which is divided into the Desert Main Line C (DMC), DMB and Jebel Ali Branch Line (JBL), which are 73 kilometres, 57 kilometres and 20 kilometres respectively. Specifically, our team is providing the detailed design for approximately 1.8 kilometres of railway bridges for the DMC and JBL lines.

The bridges mainly consist of post-tensioned cast-in-place box girders supported on concrete piers and piled foundations, and steel through or semi-through materials were deployed where the bridges crossed roads. The JBL railway bridge is approximately 1.3 kilometres long, and includes 36 supported spans, ranging between 17 metres and 72 metres. The DMC railway bridge is around 550 metres long and includes 15 spans, either with a simply supported or continuous deck.

In addition to enhancing sustainable economic development, the Etihad Rail Stage 2 construction project will support the wellbeing and quality of life of residents and tourists. This project is viewed by government as integral to supporting the UAE’s Centennial 2071 as well as strategically enhancing the region’s leadership.