Kahu Development - Auckland, New Zealand. Image is courtesy of Plus Architecture.



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Kahu Development

One of the most northern suburbs in Auckland, Long Bay is growing in popularity due to its scenic coastline and location a few minutes from the city centre. A new three to five storey residential development at 19 Windlass Street, known as the Kahu Development, will contribute a unique modern building, which compliments the rural area aesthetically, with a facade inclusive of greenery.

BG&E is providing detailed design (PS1) facade engineering services and construction monitoring (PS4) for the 42 one to four bedroom apartments, basement garages and stacked dwellings at 19 Windlass Street. Staggered housing blocks support the development, and challenging and unique details were overcome to be compliant with E2/AS1 weathertightness standards. The building also involves a mixture of cladding systems such as MetalCraft profiled metal, Innowood Timber, JH Linea Board and a mix of Masonry Blockwork & Brick veneer.

The Kahu Development will support the future thriving Long Bay community, which increased from 183 to 1,365 people between the 2006 and 2018 Census.