North Brisbane Bikeway Stages 3 and 4 – Brisbane, Queensland. Image is courtesy of Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland.


Brisbane, Queensland



Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland


BG&E Brisbane
North Brisbane Bikeway – Stages 3 and 4

The North Brisbane Bikeway provides a critical cycle corridor for greater Brisbane, linking the central business district to Chermside and continues through to Windsor and Wooloowin.

The North Brisbane Bikeway includes priority pedestrian and cycle crossings at a number of intersections. These crossings operate similarly to pedestrian crossings, providing people walking and cycling with priority over vehicles when crossing the street. The crossings consist of a raised platform and coloured road surface to identify ‘give way’ areas and the cycle crossing.

BG&E were engaged to design Stage 4 of the bikeway and to re-design a section of Stage 3 from Chalk Street to Rigby Street.

Based on best practice and the State’s standards, the design incorporates a high-quality active transport route which considerably improves safety for cyclists and pedestrians and was delivered in an economical way.

Some of the key features of this project include:

  • raised priority crossings at all side street intersections;
  • the designed was completed in a short timeframe;
  • the impact of construction of pedestrians under pass was largely eliminated; and
  • a high-quality cycle facility retrofit into an existing road corridor without costly impacts of the existing roadway.

Key challenges that were overcome when designing the bikeway include:

  • the redesign of Wooloowin railway station park and ride car park to effectively manage conflict points between pedestrians and bikes;
  • a constrained corridor width and a general lack of an existing drainage pipe network;
  • challenging drainage design at the proposed raised priority crossing as these were effectively blocking the existing overland flow path; and
  • refuse bin collection and interface with bikeway.