North Brisbane Bikeway Stages 3 and 4 – Brisbane, Queensland.
Image is courtesy of Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland.


Brisbane, Queensland



Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland


BG&E Brisbane
North Brisbane Bikeway Stages 3 and 4

The North Brisbane Bikeway connects with Brisbane’s central business district and continues through to Windsor and Wooloowin. It provides a critical cycle corridor for greater Brisbane, linking the city through to Chermside.

The North Brisbane Bikeway includes priority pedestrian and cycle crossings at a number of intersections.

These crossings operate similarly to pedestrian crossings, providing people walking and cycling with priority over vehicles when crossing the street. The crossings consist of a raised platform and coloured road surface to identify ‘give way’ areas and the cycle crossing.

BG&E provided the preliminary and detailed design of Stages 3 and 4, in Woolowin between Rigby Street and Price Street.

Based on best practice and the State’s standards, the design incorporates a high quality active transport route which considerably improves safety for cyclists and pedestrians and was delivered in an economical way.

Some of the key features of this project include:

  • the designed was completed in a short timeframe;
  • the impact of construction of pedestrians under pass was largely eliminated; and
  • a high quality cycle facility retrofit into an existing road corridor without costly impacts of the existing roadway, among others.