Perth-to-Mandurah New Metro Rail Project – Package A Verification


Implemented by the Public Transport Authority in Western Australia (WA), the City Metro Rail which connects Perth, with the town of Mandurah in the South, was a major infrastructure project for the State.

The project provided considerable benefits for the respective communities, specifically, improving access to public transport and opportunities for growth. It also provided a platform for future expansion and development of the central business district and the southern suburbs in Perth.
BG&E provided civil and structural engineering services for the project, which involved construction of 72-kilometre electrified double-track railway, 774 metres of twin-bored tunnels under the city, 20 bridges and structures, roads and civil works, and the associated infrastructure.

The structural design component of the project was very diverse, including the twin-bored tunnels in Perth city, decline structures, numerous railway and traffic bridges, railway stations and temporary structures.


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