Salaam Centre – London, United Kingdom. Image is courtesy of Skyscraper Centre.



United Kingdom


BWF Development Company Ltd


BG&E London
Salaam Centre

The Salaam Centre is a ground-breaking example of a cultural hub, created by the Muslim community for all to enjoy on a one-acre site in Harrow, located in north west London. Construction on the two-storey award winning mixed-use building commenced in 2015, replacing derelict wartime huts and four adjacent properties with an array of community facilities, including a library, creative hub, prayer and exhibition space, kindergarten, conference facilities and a sports hall.

BG&E provided BWF Development Company Ltd with facade engineering services, ensuring the British multicultural tradition is represented by the distinctive exterior of the Salaam Centre, which boasts filigree and ornamentation relating in part to Olbrich’s Vienna Secession Building.

The Salaam Centre preserves the rich Islamic cultural heritage within a futuristic and modern facility designed for cross cultural encounters. The Centre also aims to enrich the spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects of residents and visitors, inspiring others of its kind worldwide.