Yandhai Nepean Crossing – Sydney, New South Wales.


Sydney, New South Wales



Transport for New South Wales


BG&E Sydney
Yandhai Nepean Crossing

This architecturally-designed, award-winning $50 million project, Yandhai Nepean Crossing, is part of the great river walk which provides the community with a safe, dedicated footbridge and cycle path, as well as panoramic views of the Nepean River and surrounding areas.

BG&E with Seymour Whyte, provided the detailed design of the bridge, including the concept design which an enormous steel Warren truss with plan geometry, which includes two reverse curves. This geometry was challenging to construct on land, hence the bridge was constructed using the incremental launch method.

This included developing a unique and untested construction technique, named ‘node-by-node’ launching, which articulates the way the truss was supported and shifted at the node throughout the launch using jacks and rolling skates.

In Australia, our technical experts were the first engineers to use the incremental launch construction method many years ago and today, it remains one of the most effective.