Environment, Social & Governance

Engineering a Sustainable Future

BG&E has the responsibility and opportunity to have a positive impact on the communities and environments we operate in, and we integrate this mission into our everyday operations, corporate culture and global strategy.

We're proud of the goals we've achieved so far.

Began Charting A Roadmap to Reduce our Whole Lifecycle Carbon

Increased Support for Communities, Winning More Emergency Disaster Reconstruction Projects

Implemented Sustainability in Design Framework to Assist Clients in Achieving their Net Zero Goals

Pursued Innovation in Material Design, Procurement & Digital Twin Technology

Our Responsibility

ESG Committee

Our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Committee manages business-wide improvements, compliance and transparency, with a three-part scope of responsibilities.


Encompasses energy used, climate change, waste generated and natural resources consumed during operations.


Engaging with communities for equality, social justice and inclusion through volunteering, corporate social responsibility and championing our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).


Comprises BG&E’s practices, controls and procedures to ensure effective decisions, legal compliance and meeting external stakeholder needs.

“We consciously focus on the ESG aspects of our work in a systematic way, understanding how they are related to our core business, and to the positive impacts we are able to make as engineers.”

Gaye McMath, ESG Chairperson

The Path to Carbon Neutrality

We strive to minimise the impacts of our operations, design for long-term resilience and create enduring value for stakeholders, all in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This pursuit promotes human wellbeing, equality and a regenerative approach.

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Journey to Net Zero

Our Sustainable Actions

In an industry where technology for decarbonising is still in the early stages, there’s much to do and we’re committed to playing our part.

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Organisation materiality assessment to determine the supply chain universe and provide direction for future ESG initiatives and targets.

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Internal education awareness on embodied carbon and sustainable design innovations for the built environment.

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Internal reward and recognition for sustainability design innovations benefiting the built environment and end users with potential cost savings.

External Client education and industry awareness for sustainability in design.

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Accreditation Obtaining carbon baseline calculation scheme accreditation.

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Digitalising carbon footprint and monitoring our emissions.

Sustainable Design Practice

Our technical command enables us to identify strategic risks and opportunities related to climate change, carbon emissions and social and environmental project legacies.

Taking a customised sustainability approach, we recognise the uniqueness of each project and the value of taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to integrating Net Zero and regenerative development initiatives.

How we're reducing carbon emissions:

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Our UK engineering teams assess embodied carbon in our designs to gauge performance against benchmark ratings.

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We maximise material efficiency within buildings and optimise energy efficiency during operation.

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In Australia, we’re managing Infrastructure Sustainability Council rating requirements.

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With concrete production responsible for 5% of the industry’s 23% global emissions, BG&E is actively seeking alternative solutions, such as timber, to support the journey to Net Zero.

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Our digital engineering team created a tool for early-stage carbon calculations, aiding structural engineers in identifying improvement opportunities.

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We prioritise environmentally sustainable design through sustainable materials, recycling, waste reduction, durability, adaptive design, land reclamation and water-sensitive urban planning.

Diverse & Engaging Workplaces

BG&E fosters a 'people-first' culture and advancing a fair, enjoyable and inclusive work environment.

We embrace differences and encourage employees to be their authentic selves at work. In our community, difference means amplifying diverse voices, embracing varying opinions and fostering change discussions. It also involves aligning actions with our values and culture.

Our people are central to our mission and we aim to provide an inclusive, collaborative and growth-oriented experience that inspires and engages, ensuring equal opportunities for career growth.

Diversity & Inclusion

The BG&E Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee actively works alongside champions from the Board and Executive Leadership Team and the People & Culture team to improve our DEI landscape.

The DEI Committee focuses on intentionally developing a diverse group of technical professionals to strengthen collective problem-solving skills, which produces optimal project outcomes for Clients and communities.

Addressing gender disparities is a continuous effort in our industry, particularly in gender participation. We collaborate with our teams to enhance female representation in our talent pipelines. Achieving diversity, equality and inclusion demands a sustained commitment and we hold ourselves accountable for ongoing progress.


BG&E's formalised RAP prioritises Indigenous Australian education, employment and procurement - fostering economic development in First Nation communities. Committed to daily change, we partner with local Indigenous trainers for regular cultural awareness seminars in our Australian offices, valuing and learning from Australia's Indigenous heritage.

BG&E is actively engaged in multiple other Reconciliation initiatives including cultural events, commissioning Aboriginal artworks, cultural awareness training and participation in the National Reconciliation Action Plan Conference. We sponsor the UWA Western Waagyls team, support Indigenous suppliers for clothing, PPE and catering and create employment opportunities.

Download RAP


Worldwide, our teams strive to make a positive impact by tackling technical project challenges and engaging with local communities through grassroots programs. We champion communities where our teams live and work to build strong local partnerships and support various meaningful charities, appeals and STEM programs close to our hearts.

Our Safety Ethos

We acknowledge our shared responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, supply chain, Clients, subcontractors, stakeholders, visitors and the local communities where we operate.

That's why we prioritise a safe, healthy and eco-conscious workplace, on and off-site. These collective values drive our continuous improvements, adherence to best practices and fortify our dedication to minimising risks across all business operations.

BG&E maintains external certification to various ISO Accreditations for risk management system framework.

BG&E's Board Committees

BG&E's board has five direct subcommittees that assist and advise the board in decision-making and risk management:

ESG Committee:

Handles ESG matters

People & Remuneration Committee:

Manages people, culture, and remuneration strategies

Finance & Audit Committee:

Ensures financial control and compliance

Safety, Quality & Risk Committee:

Oversees safety, quality, and risk management

Investment Committee:

Advises on investment decisions, balance sheet management, dividend policy, treasury, and capital expenditure

Modern Slavery

We have a Modern Slavery statement across the BG&E Group, reflecting our continued opposition to exploitative practices. We acknowledge our responsibility to safeguard human rights through ethical business practices, aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles and local laws.

While our core business is professional services with low risks of modern slavery, we recognise potential risks in our supply chain and take steps to mitigate them. Our preferred supplier approach promotes good corporate citizenship and the circular economy by partnering with ethical, diverse suppliers.

Download Modern Slavery Policy

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