1 Lawson Square - Redfern, New South Wales. Image is courtesy of Deicorp.


Redfern, New South Wales





BG&E Sydney
1 Lawson Square, Redfern

The iconic Redfern Tower at 1 Lawson Square in Redfern, New South Wales is being transformed into stunning one, two and three bedroom luxury apartments. The new TNT Apartments will provide unrivalled views and convenience, just three kilometers from Sydney’s CBD.

The project entails adaptive reuse of an existing 12 storey office tower for residential apartments, construction of six additional floors and the widening of the floor plate on one side of the building for balconies.

BG&E has been involved since the concept/Development Application phase through to the construction phase of the project, providing structural engineering services for Deicorp.

Specifically, our work included:

  • Analysis which determined if strengthening of existing structural elements (columns, walls, floors, foundation) was required to withstand increased loads, due to change in use and increased lateral loading (wind and seismic).
  • Advice on column/wall strengthening sizes and methodologies.
  • Achievement of seismic compliance to current codes, and where necessary, provision of additional lateral stabilising elements such as shear walls.
  • A much simpler solution for extension of the existing stair core, which did not require any strengthening of the existing walls or foundations, by installing new additional columns and foundations.
  • Existing perimeter column and foundation strengthening was achieved through new piles external to the building extent, to allow access for large piling rigs, without the limitations on height and capacity that would otherwise be required for limited access rigs.

The TNT Apartments will offer a chic inner-city lifestyle for the growing local population, while contributing to the eclectic and vibrant suburb of Redfern.