Forest Hill Bridge Replacement


Queensland Rail replaced 18 rail bridges between Ipswich and Chinchilla in the State, with more durable steel structures which has improved the safety and reliability of the network.

One of the bridges included in this package is the bridge West of Forest Hill. The original 7.7-metre three-span bridge was replaced with 45-metres three-span bridge to enable larger hydraulic flows.

The original timber bridge was demolished and replaced with the new bridge, which was constructed within a 40-hour shutdown of the rail line.

BG&E provided the design, documentation, temporary design and construction support for the new larger span precast girder bridge for the rail main line at Forest Hill. Relevant design detailing and construction methodologies have been incorporated to achieve the construction in such a short timeframe.

The primary elements of the replacement bridge include:

  • bored piles (installed prior to shutdown);
  • precast headstock;
  • pile to headstock connection to suit restricted construction timeframe;
  • precast deck girders;
  • precast relieving slab; and
  • prefabricated handrails.

Forest Hill, Queensland



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