Celebrate Difference

Be your complete self. Be part of our community.

There’s a myriad of research from the World Economic Forum, Harvard University and McKinsey & Company, among others, which indicates diversity is beneficial for society, is an economic imperative and is fundamentally important in workplaces.

At BG&E, we are a community, a diverse melting pot of people – striving to achieve our best and to live our best lives.

We encourage you to bring your complete self to work, as we recognise the importance of embracing difference. In our community, difference translates to elevating different voices, integrating contrasting opinions and welcoming conversations about change. It also means demonstrating behaviours that align with our values and culture.

For our clients, an inclusive and engaged workforce is a productive workforce, a global team of equals innovating, creating and having fun while we work.

BG&E’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee has a mandate from the Board, to guide the business to become more diverse and mutually-rewarding. This requires curiosity, bravery and trust, and is within our reach. We are on a journey and acknowledge there is more work to do to ensure everyone feels empowered.

#diversitymatters shares insights from some of our pro-active yet humble, ambassadors for diversity.