Develop A Meaningful Career

Engaging Learning
And Development

After half a century, BG&E remains an employee-owned engineering consultancy which nurtures a ‘people first’ culture. We strive to provide an inclusive, fair and fun working environment for everyone.

We help you to accomplish your best by providing engaging learning and development programmes and opportunities to excel.

Professional Accreditation
Technical excellence is part of BG&E’s history and our future. We are proud of our technical capabilities and of providing our people with rewarding working lives.

Our collective wisdom and expertise is one of our unique differentiators, hence we encourage the pro-active pursuit of continued professional development. We offer a range of initiatives including inhouse technical sessions, knowledge sharing and external learning and development programmes.

We also leverage relevant professional associations, such as Engineers Australia and the Institution of Civil Engineers in the United Kingdom, among others, to ensure you achieve your potential as Chartered Professionals.

Graduate Development
BG&E’s approach to graduate development is comprehensive. We help graduates acquire the core competencies and professional development, that is required for transitioning from an emerging professional into a market-leading consulting engineer.

On-the-Job Coaching, Training And Mentoring
Continuous improvement is part of BG&E’s DNA, it manifests in how we support you through every step of your career.

We provide access to experienced professionals for coaching, training and mentoring, as well as work with you to identify upskilling and stretch opportunities (to help you achieve Chartered status and beyond).

Our graduates kick start their careers by working on projects as soon as they join BG&E, with support and guidance from team leaders and colleagues. Similarly, they immediately learn about applying the Australian and International Codes and Standards, in conjunction with the use of appropriate modelling and design methodologies and software.

Site Visits
From the moment you put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), undertake a safety briefing and enter a project site, there’s a feeling of amazement – what you’ve studied, designed and/or modelled, becomes real. We encourage our people to regularly participate in site visits and the feedback is universally positive.

Site visits also serve as important practical learning experience for our technical staff, to enable a better understanding of buildability, which is critical for their professional development and for helping to deliver great outcomes for clients.

Engineering Discipline Rotation
BG&E’s operating model provides graduates with opportunities to gain experience from more than one discipline – from buildings, bridges, civil, waterways, specialist structures, infrastructure, materials, facades and/or resources – we encourage you to broaden your expertise.

Knowledge Transfer and Teaming
We frequently conduct internal training seminars to facilitate the transfer of technical knowledge. Our objective is to provide an empowering learning environment for you to grow, ask questions, test conventional thinking and share your ideas.

External Presentations, Courses And Networks
We also encourage participation in external learning and development programmes, and networking events which are conducted by peak industry groups, research institutions and business associations. This facilitates the enhancement of ‘soft skills’ and provides opportunities to build networks. The workforce of the future is upon us now, and professionals that have outstanding technical skills, coupled with robust ‘soft skills’, will be our next generation leaders.