Digital Engineering

Perth City Link Busport – Perth, Western Australia.

Today, digital engineering is fast becoming ‘business as usual’ and transforming how we design and deliver the built environments – through the process of creating, obtaining, and utilising data for every aspect of a project.

At BG&E, we are committed to leveraging the latest technologies to help our clients achieve their goals, and our digital engineering services are at the forefront of this approach.

Digital engineering has revolutionised the way we collaborate with clients and stakeholders, enabling us to deliver more efficient, innovative, and practical solutions that leverage data in design, maintenance, operation, and asset management.

Technical excellence in digital engineering.

Our team has a deep commitment to innovation, using multiple approaches to leverage the extensive data at our disposal, to facilitate improvements at every stage of the design and construction process, to benefit our clients.

  • Using our expertise in parametric modeling, we can create digital prototypes that allow us to test various design scenarios, optimize outcomes and accelerate decision-making.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities allows us to visualize, analyze, and interpret spatial and geographic data, offering a comprehensive understanding of the context for design choices. This powerful tool enables us to identify site-specific constraints, opportunities, and environmental factors that can influence project outcomes.
  • Equipped with a strong foundation in machine learning, our team can capture and analyze vast datasets, discern patterns, generate insights, and make predictions that traditional methods cannot achieve.
  • BG&E’s software development team is experienced in using a wide range of technologies and provides custom solutions by tailoring our deployment process – deploying software solutions on-premises or in the cloud in the most effective manner possible.

A collaborative approach.

Our digital engineering capabilities extend beyond design and construction. We work directly with clients to understand their unique needs and infrastructure requirements, which enables the development of tailored solutions that leverage the latest technologies to address specific challenges the client faces.

Digital Engineering Projects