Flood Management & Hydrology

Avon River Bridge – Gippsland, Victoria.

We exist in an era of soaring population growth and rapid shifts in the demand, supply and regulation of our most precious natural resource – water. Conversely, we are also living through an unprecedented time of increased frequency of extreme weather events, such as flooding.

The effective capture, storage and management of water has never been more critical. Similarly, we need to swiftly future-proof our urban landscapes against reoccurring weather events, that are building in veracity. It behoves industry and government to carefully consider the environmental, social, economic implications of both, when planning and delivering infrastructure and urban developments.

BG&E’s dedicated teams of specialist water engineers and scientists, as well as other cross-disciplinary designers – deliver surface water and hydrological investigations, flood modelling and floodplain risk management studies, integrated water management studies, and the analysis and design of major waterway structures.

We pride ourselves on applying a holistic lens to help clients to fulfil their project aspirations and provide sustainable solutions for communities.

Flood Studies

BG&E works with local councils to develop flood studies and floodplain risk management studies and plans. Our hydrologists, flooding and drainage engineers are passionate about understanding how flooding affects the community and developing ways that we can reduce flood risks.

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Flood Management & Hydrology Projects