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Greater Male Connectivity Project

The Greater Male Connectivity Project (GMCP) is the largest infrastructure project in the Maldives, consisting of a 6.7km bridge and causeway network to connect the islands of Male, Villingili, Gulhifalhu, and Thilafushi in the Maldives using renewable energy.

The new bridge includes:

  • three navigation bridges of 140m main span across the deep channel between each island,
  • 41km of marine viaduct in deep water,
  • 32km marine viaduct in shallow water or on land, and
  • 96km of at-grade roads.

The project will use solar power for road lighting, navigation lighting, deck cell lighting, CCTV and lighting on sign gantry and architectural lighting. There will be bus terminals on all islands near mainline junctions.

BG&E is the Temporary Works Checker. The scope of service includes checking all temporary works, including temporary steel bridges and platforms for the piling operations, steel liners for temporary and permanent piles, pile cap cofferdams and shuttering, load-out jetties, erection gantries, lifting frames and spreader beams for the balanced cantilever erection, casting yard equipment, floating stability, and the lashing system for bridge segment transportation on barges.

The GMCP is set to serve as a vital economic and transport link for the Maldives, connecting four crucial islands, which represent nearly half of the country’s population, with the proposed Gulhifalhu Port and Thilafushi Industrial Zone, as well as South Asia and other regions beyond.