Yas Waterworld – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates




BG&E Abu Dhabi
Yas Waterworld

Located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld is spread over 15 hectares and includes 43 rides, ticketing, food and beverage outlets, and a traditional souq.

The main rides are supported by multiple ‘crag’ structures, comprising of a structural steel frame clad in glass reinforced concrete (GRC). The structural steel ride platforms were designed to support theming structures, such as a falcon’s nest and a ship-wrecked dhow. The design incorporates the extensive use of various theming materials, such as timber, GRC, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and architectural concrete to tie into the overall theme of the water park.

The stairs and balustrading are themed, and the structural design coordinated, to such that the steel posts and framing elements resembled timber columns, wrapped and tied together using rope. The shading was supported from steel posts with a GFP cladding to replicate timber masts, whilst the fabric shading resembles the sails of a dhow. Extensive co-ordination was required between theming, water misting, shading, ride articulation and the in-ground services pumping water around the park.

A focus on aesthetics, safety and durability was maintained throughout the design process.

BG&E provided structural and civil engineering services and the key design features include:

  • the largest standing wave in the world with a the three-metre high double flow barrel. Up to 7,000 litres of water is projected onto a rubber clad, steel frame wave structure, bolted to a reinforced concrete bunker containing the pumping and articulation equipment;
  • a central water recreation area, focused around a funnel structure to capture water jets fired simultaneously from seven structural- steel framed cannons, over the rollercoaster;
  • a 35-metre high structural steel crag structure base connections resisting forces up to 20,000 kilonewtons in base shear;
  • ride platform structures, stairs and feature theming elements;
  • a pearl diving enclosure tank structure, including reinforced concrete framed viewing area, supporting 230-millimetre thick transparent acrylic walls;
  • jetties, bridges, shade structures, balustrading and suspended walkways linking rides, ticketing and hospitality zones;
  • secondary framing for the support of rock-work theming to steel structures;
  • secondary platforms for articulated conveyer systems transporting ride tubes around the park; and
  • structures for ride entrance theming elements such as dolphins, serpents, wooden masts and doors, shows, birds’ nests, etc.