Qatar National Library – Doha, Qatar. Image is courtesy of Architecture Daily.





Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development


BG&E Dubai
Qatar National Library

Qatar National Library is operated as a not-for-profit organisation and serves as a steward of the nation’s heritage, by collecting, preserving and making available the country’s recorded history.

The library is an iconic building, designed by the Dutch architectural firm, Office for Metropolitan Architecture, with Brookfield Multiplex, being the project constructor. BG&E provided construction support services for Multiplex.

The library’s structure consists of two square plates, approximately 138 metres wide, pulled apart and folded diagonally at the corners to create a shell-like container.

The sloped interior surfaces of the plates create three large terraces that are stacked with 300 bookshelves, visible from a central communal space called the urban plaza.



Our scope of work included:

  • designing the structural steel framing for the heritage collection area;
  • designing of temporary works that included checking reinforced concrete slab’s ability to support temporary construction loads;
  • designing of internal secondary steelwork to support racking shelves;
  • reviewing and design justification of additional MEP penetrations through slabs; and
  • producing Tekla models of the roof steelwork.

The library employs advanced technologies, such as automated book sorting systems, people movers, and electronic tagging to facilitate the easy retrieval of any of the million books in the collection.

This cultural mecca ensures equal access for all residents of Qatar and is a key centre of learning, research and culture.