At BG&E we have significant experience in the design of complex bridges for all types of construction systems where our design skills complement our knowledge of material behaviour.

We have developed solutions for highly constrained sites, remote locations, sensitive environments and critical timeframes.

Our understanding of constructability, and our efforts to work with contractors and stakeholders, result in highly efficient and constructable bridges - including structures built over permanent water, operating roads and railways, and in locations with extreme wind loading.

Since 1984, we successfully introduced the incremental launching technique to Australia as being a particularly appropriate construction method for enhancing safety in bridges over live traffic or difficult terrain.

Our capabilities extend to the design of balanced cantilever, segmental; cable stayed, precast modular components, in-situ and prefabricated bridges.
We have further developed precast bridge beam technology to a variety of efficient shapes for road and rail bridges, featuring both pre-tensioned and post-tensioned reinforcement.