Industry Standard Accreditation Received for Digital Engineering

Brent Van Lelyveld

Digital Engineering Lead
With more than a decade's experience in delivering projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes, we are proud to receive accreditation for ISO 19650, verifying our expertise in Digital Engineering (DE).

BIM ensures project objectives are realised, enabling client decisions to be informed by comprehensive 3D modelling. It also empowers project teams to collaborate seamlessly, with engineers, architects and developers contributing to the holistic design that is a BIM model.

In addition to informing initial project cost and time savings, BIM can also inform the long-term sustainability and cost impacts of an asset. BIM is celebrated industry-wide, but it only serves as an effective bible of truth for the construction process if developed and used correctly. Our team is consistently upskilling and consider BIM part of their native work environment.

BG&E’s DE Lead, Brent Van Lelyveld says, “Thank you to Marc Barnes (Managing Director) and Kiran Bhagat (General Manager) from BSI Group, and to Joe Catanzariti (Director – Emerging) and Dmitry Zelenkin (Associate – Digital Engineering) from BG&E, for joining me in celebrating BG&E’s ISO Certification, in Sydney. This is a considerable milestone for us and we look forward to continuing to provide clients with innovation DE solutions.

“To achieve this certification, the British Standards Institute (BSI) carried out a detailed two-day audit on BG&E’s processes for effective information management in the design, build and management of building assets. Thank you also to my colleague, Nick Lancaster (BIM Co-Ordinator – Perth), for his enormous effort in preparing for this audit.”

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