Thirty Years of Reconciliation

Rick Kreeck

Executive Director, Materials Lead & Chair of the Diversity Equality & Inclusion Committee
At BG&E, we are committed to honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples as the First Peoples of Australia, and we pay respect to elders past and present.

We are proud to celebrate National Reconciliation Week 2021 (#NRW2021). This year marks almost thirty years of Australia’s formal reconciliation process.

We salute the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have shared their truth and worked tirelessly to raise awareness, educate others and provide opportunities, to improve inequality.

The theme for #NRW2021 is ‘More Than a Word’ and BG&E echoes the sentiments of that theme. We understand that we all have a responsibility to translate words into advocacy, and advocacy into action, to ensure our First Nations’ voices are heard and reconciliation continues to be realised.






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