Esperance Tanker Jetty – Esperance, Western Australia. Image is courtesy of Shire of Esperance.


Esperance, Western Australia



Shire of Esperance


BG&E Perth
Esperance Tanker Jetty

Originally constructed in 1934-35, the Esperance Tanker Jetty comprised a 656-metre long timber structure with a four and half-metre wide deck, projecting out from the shoreline in a south easterly direction. Due to storm damage in 1988, the tanker jetty was reduced in length from 192 piers to 143 piers.

In 2016, the Shire of Esperance decided to replace the existing tanker jetty with a 415-metre long ‘over the water’ structure. The revitalised tanker jetty was delivered in March 2021 and is now a popular haven for the local community and visitors.

BG&E provided structural engineering, materials testing and asset management services, including a structural assessment of the original tanker jetty to understand its condition.

The scope of works also included calculating the jetty load requirements based on Australian Standards and how these requirements compared with the structural analysis results.

Our technical team subsequently prepared an Asset Management Plan for the Shire, which outlined the maintenance items and costs that needed to be addressed quickly, to uphold the structural integrity of the tanker jetty, as well as an Asset Management Strategy and Financial Plan.