Port of Townsville Wharf Berths – Townsville, Queensland.


Townsville, Queensland



Xstrata Copper


BG&E Brisbane
Port of Townsville Wharf Berths

Since 1864, the Port of Townsville has played a key role in providing industry with access to local a harbour that was close and obstacle-free. Over the decades, the port has evolved to become Northern Australia’s largest import and export hub.

BG&E provided structural engineering and materials testing services for the berths, specifically our technical team investigated options to increase the operating lifecycle of the wharf by an additional 15-to-20 years.

As a result of the investigation, we proposed a strengthening solution for the wharf by utilising external prestressing.

This proposal provided a strengthening system to replace the tensile capacity of much of the corroded steel reinforcement, in combination with concrete repair work. By adopting this approach, the inherent capacity of the existing materials that were still in sound condition were used without relying on the deteriorated sections.

The approach also provided an opportunity to refurbish the existing wharf structure in a cost-effective manner, given the deterioration noted in the investigations carried out. Our analysis led to the Port of Townsville to lift the ‘unsafe to operate order’, allowing operations to continue at the wharf.