Great Eastern Highway and Roe Highway Interchange – Perth, Western Australia.


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Great Eastern Highway and Roe Highway Interchange

This $80 million critical infrastructure project, Great Eastern Highway and Roe Highway Interchange, integrates two major highways and is located in the heart of one of the busiest commercial zones in the Perth.

Prior to the implementation of this project, the highways had traffic bottlenecks and accident black spots, while handling approximately 60,000 vehicle movements, including 6,000 heavy vehicles, per day.

BG&E provided bridge design and civil engineering services for the two point one-kilometre project, which included grade-separation of the Roe Highway over Great Eastern Highway, on two bridges, with one carrying the Roe Highway and the other a separate loop ramp.

The interchange solution comprised three unique concrete underpasses, taking shared paths under the interchange ramps. Five-metre wide precast beams were used to minimise overall number of elements and lifting operations. On the bridge over Great Eastern Highway this enabled the number of precast beams forming the 30-metre wide deck to be reduced to six. Precast elements were also extensively used for noise walls, mechanically stabilised earth walls and underpasses.

Also included in this project were duplications of bridges over the East-West freight railway and Clayton Street, and modifications to the adjacent existing bridges. The scope of work required the new bridge over the railway to be matched with the existing haunched bridge for aesthetic reasons. An in-situ construction method was deployed, over operating rail tracks.

As the entry to Perth from the eastern States, the Great Eastern Highway and Roe Highway Interchange features a vibrant public art, which represents local wildflowers.