His Majesty’s Theatre – Perth, Western Australia. Image is courtesy of lkonya and Shutterstock.


Perth, Western Australia



Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts


BG&E Perth
His Majesty’s Theatre

Managed by the Perth Theatre Trust, His Majesty’s Theatre is a beacon for residents and visitors to soak up performing arts from some of the world’s leading theatre companies.

BG&E were engaged as structural engineers for the complete facade restoration works. The entire site is included in the Register of Heritage Places. Our team worked tirelessly to carefully consider the age and nature of construction, with preservation of the authentic fabric taking precedence over any cosmetic considerations.

Structural engineering services were completed following an extensive investigation of the original building materials and the structural system, complicated by the fact that the building fabric and the modified natural fabric had often been changed and added to over time.

As a general principle, the maintenance and reconstruction works were completed on the basis that any replacement of material or items, was done by replacing like-with-like. Preferably, the new item was to be matched to the one it was to replace in terms of material, style, pattern, finish and colour. This included reconstruction of the Juliette balconies and ornamental floral features.

The repair work did not introduce materials and components that were not part of the original fabric of the building. If a feature had to be replaced, it was replaced with an exact replica.