Yin yan

 BG&E is appointed to the Yan Yean Road Project

We are proud to announce that the early works for the $131 million upgrade of the Yan Yean Road in Victoria have commenced with construction work scheduled to begin early 2018.

The Yan Yean Road project will involve the widening from two to four lanes of circa 4km of road between Diamond Creek and Kurrak Roads in Plenty, Melbourne’s fast growing northern suburb, and will upgrade four intersections at River Avenue, Kurrak Road, Memorial Drive and Diamond Creek Road.

The upgrade will include new off-road pedestrian and cycling paths, thereby improving safety for both pedestrians and cyclists. Bus stops islands will also be added and the improvement in the geometry of the road will provide better visibility for drivers, thereby furthermore increasing road safety. BG&E has brought in some innovative solutions to improve the performance of Diamond Creek and Kurrak Road Intersections, thus improving the travel time and reliability of the route.

This project will expand our experience on traffic modelling and traffic engineering solutions in Victoria ; we are confident our expertise will result in the successful completion of Stage 1 by mid-2019 as set by the program.